Fearlessly Creative Mammas: The Countdown to Christmas is on!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Countdown to Christmas is on!!

We decided to do a joint Christmas Countdown post today and hope that you love it!


We have started counting down the days to Christmas in our house, finally! Due to certain things happening at our house we are starting a few days late, however it still worked out perfectly!
First thing you'll need is some pretty wrapping paper, this particular kind is reversible and so cute!!! I got it at Walmart.

Next are some books that your kids will like. I got ours from my son's book fair at school, the Scholastic ones. It helps out the schools and your child's class, plus after ordering from them twice they sent me a couple coupons for a future purchase. I bought some Christmas stories, but just some regular stories as well.

Wrap them each up individually and write numbers on them, since we are starting a little late we started with 20.

For Christmas Eve I wrapped up a book still, but made a special box filled with new Christmas jammies, hot chocolate for the boys, (Lily is too little still) popcorn, and The Grinch movie, which is a tradition that we watch it every Christmas Eve night.

I put everything in the box, and wrapped it up!

These are our 20 days of Christmas. What traditions do you have or are you stating this year??


As you may know, my kids are all grown. However, when they still lived in our house, I bought those paper Advent calendars each year and always the ones that are centered on Christ. My kids would take turns opening the doors to get their chocolates and really loved it! 

Another thing we did was read different stories each night that talked about the meaning of Christmas, service to others and great things in history that happened this time of year. I have quite a collection of these stories. 

At some point during the last week before Christmas,  we would all pile in the truck and go look at the lights on all of the houses. I really love this tradition and miss it when we are living out of the country. During this outing, we would also drop off homemade gifts at our friend's homes, each child taking turns to run to the door. Those were fun nights to me. 

This year I was walking through Michael's Crafts and found this unfinished wood Advent tree. I decided to get it and make it for my grandkids. It wasn't hard to do, just paint it and fill it with candy. I also found the Christmas Story that someone put together in a really nice format and put it in a binder so their parents can read a portion of it each night to the kids. The boys were pretty excited about the whole thing. Lily is too little to care yet, but hopefully she will like later too. 

Here is a picture: 

 I'm pretty excited for Christmas. What are some Christmas traditions that you follow? Leave us a comment below! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. We like to have fun with it!

  2. I love it, family traditions are such wonderful memories.

    1. It's nice to see your kids carrying on some of what they grew up with and creating their own.

  3. I was just thinking that I wished I would have done a Christmas book countdown when my children were little. But then I realized I could do this for my grandchildren! Thanks for the memory-making ideas.

    1. What a great idea!! Your grandchildren will love it.

  4. Traditions are awesome! I love those Elf on the Shelf pajamas.

    1. Their Elf gave them green milk this morning. The boys thought that was so funny!

  5. You guys are so cool. You are making the holidays so special for your kids/grandkids.

    1. It's all about the little people. Right?! I love seeing little kid's faces on Christmas morning.