Fearlessly Creative Mammas: Ham and Cheese Chicken

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ham and Cheese Chicken

Happy start to the last weekend before Christmas. Are you ready?! What do you still have to do to be ready? Surprisingly enough, I'm totally finished with my shopping, for gifts and food. Now I just have to do some baking, finish making 3 gifts, put together friend's and neighbor's gifts and wrap 3 presents. It's been a rough week here, so that's why I'm surprised that I'm as far ahead in the game as I am. 

Today we have something a little different. There is a lady whose name is Tammi and she blogs at Mommas Meals. She features other blogs each Friday and this week she is doing a feature post on us, which publishes today. Isn't that awesome?! She is cooking one of our recipes and telling her readers about us. You can find her post  HERE.

I thought that since she is introducing us to her readers, I would introduce her to you. She writes about motherhood,  recipes, date nights, crafts and life. She doesn't sugarcoat it either. She has two very small children and is a stay at home mom who has been blogging since 2010 and has found that she not only loves cooking, but writing as well. I guess that is a good things since she has a blog. 

She has some pretty yummy looking recipes and you should go see if there is something you might like to cook up. I decided that since she is featuring one of our recipes, I would feature one of her's as well. As you undoubtedly know, I cook a lot of chicken. Since that is the case, I decided on what I hoped would be a really great chicken recipe. I picked a good one too. My husband and daughter loved it as much as I did. I will be making this again for sure. 

You can find this fantastic recipe at this link:  Ham and Cheese Chicken. It is pretty easy and it really is good. The only thing I did differently than her recipe was use regular chicken breast, cut in half, instead of cutlets and I left the lemon off. I forgot to buy one.  I served the chicken with peas and rice. I'm happy I picked this recipe. As I write this, I am wondering which of our recipes Tammi is making for her post. 

This brings a question to mind. Have you made any of our recipes? If so, which one(s) and did you like them? Please leave us a comment below. Have a great weekend. I have lots to do. 

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  1. Awh I'm so glad your family liked the dish!! It reminds me that I haven't made it in awhile and may have to soon! Thank you both so much for letting me feature you it was so fun getting to know you and your blog!

    1. Thank you! I hope you will stick around.