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Monday, September 9, 2013

Halibut that actually tastes great!

Confession time. I HATE fish! It seems harsh I know, but it is the truth. Here's the problem, my husband loves Alaska and goes there as often as possible. He is a big outdoors man, hunting, fishing, hiking, whatever. The first time he went he came home with these beautiful pictures and while I wasn't sold, I understood it a little more. I realized then that if I wanted to see him in our old age, I was going to have to find something to do in Alaska that I would enjoy. Fishing was my choice.

What actually sold me on Alaska was a cruise we went on with most of my family. It was a seven day, inside passage cruise of Alaska. Oh my goodness, that place is so pretty! It was at the end of August, so it wasn't the warmest place I had ever been, but it was still warm enough that I didn't freeze. 

A couple of years later my husband took me on my first fishing trip to Alaska. We went to the Kenai Peninsula and fished and hiked for a week. It was fantastic! We went salmon and halibut fishing and I figured that he and our kids would eat the fish, so it was okay that I was fishing without eating it. I truly fell in love with Alaska during this particular trip. So much so that we bought a piece of land north of Denali National Park. (My husband's dream come true! To own a piece of Alaska.)

While we were there he made halibut one time in the cabin we were staying in and I really enjoyed it. I was shocked to my shoes!! It actually tasted great!! Amazing I tell you. 

A few years after that trip, we took our youngest two kids on a fishing trip to Alaska and I'm pretty sure they had a great trip and lots of fun. We were pretty successful in our fishing endeavors on this trip as well. (See the picture below to see our halibut haul. We all limited out, so there were eight of them.)

**A note about our kids here. We don't hate our oldest daughter. At this point she was married and had a brand new baby.**

We took the fish back to the place we were staying and wrapped them so we could freeze them to get them home. The kids were great sports with helping too! 

This is a picture of Seward Bay, Alaska. I told you it is beautiful!!

All of this information is to give you a recipe to cook halibut that you will really love! I don't normally cook or eat a lot of fried food, but if you cut the halibut small enough it cooks fast, so it isn't really greasy. 

For this recipe you use Ritz crackers (crushed up), Bisquick and Lawry's Seasoning Salt as the batter. Now, you are looking at this picture and saying why gluten free Bisquick if you are using Ritz crackers. Well, my husband usually eats gluten free, even though he isn't happy about it most of the time. He doesn't have celiac's disease, but gluten isn't the best for his system. He wasn't willing to give up the taste of the Ritz for the fish, so we used that. I personally thing we could make some bread crumbs and use that instead, but I will have to sneak that in next time so he doesn't know. You know, just like sneaking vegetables into your kid's snacks. 

As I said, you cut the fish up into pretty small strips. 
Then you dip it in milk and bread it with the mixture you made. 

Now you heat your oil up really hot and quickly fry up your fish, turning it to brown all sides. Then you put it on some paper towels to get the excess oil off of the fish. 

I served it with my Fresh Tomato Sauce, pasta and bread. It was a great meal!

Breaded Halibut

Halibut - cut into small pieces
2 rolls of Ritz Crackers
1 cup of Bisquick
2 Tbsp Lawry's Seasoning Salt
1 cup milk
Oil for frying

Put the crackers in a large zip top bag and crush them very, very fine. Add the Bisquick and Lawry's and mix well. Put the milk into a bowl and dip the fish in the milk and then put it in the bag of breading and shake it to cover the fish well. Heat the oil in a large skillet and when it is very hot, add the fish and cook on all sides until cooked through. Drain on paper towels. 

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  1. Anything fried and soaked in Ritz Crackers must be delicious!