Monday, September 22, 2014

Tips and Tricks 23

We're so very glad you're visiting us here on Tips and Tricks day! So happy that you're here.  This week on the blog we have a fun giveaway brought to us by Jolley Jam, which is our friend Katie's Jamberry Nails business. It's super fun, so be sure to enter. 

This week's feature is this amazing Pumpkin Zucchini Bread from Little House Living. I truly have to make this very, very soon. Don't you want to make it very soon?!

Grilled Peach Apple Cobbler


I have an extra post for you today and it is so good that you are going to want to make it right now. I'm participating in the Ultimate Tailgating BBQ Series on It's a Keeper and there have been some really great recipes shared so far and there are sure to be lots more. 

In addition to the recipes, there is a fantastic giveaway too. You can enter the giveaway on Christina's site. Wouldn't that grill be something great to have in your own yard or porch?! I think it would be great. Too bad I can't enter. 

You can find my really great Grilled Peach Apple Cobbler on Christina's blog. Make it for your own tailgating party or family. Seriously, it is so good! You can find the recipe RIGHT HERE

Easy Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge

Easy Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge #LorAnnOils
Thank you to LorAnn Oils for providing the oil that inspired this recipe. 
All opinions, photos, recipe and text are 100% my own. 

My son LOVES fudge. I mean really loves it. I make him fudge every Christmas. Also, his favorite candy is the York Peppermint Patty. You are wondering now what these two declarations have in common. Enter LorAnn Oils, in the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor. 

When I had the opportunity to try this flavor, I immediately thought of him and how much he would love the flavor. Since I too am a chocolate lover, I thought of making a fudge for him. I hope you will like it too. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm Standing Boldly with Christ!! #BoldChristian

Happy Sunday to you. This is generally my favorite day of the week. Usually I get up and get ready for church, go to church and then come home and spend a quiet day with my husband, usually doing something pretty good with my time. My husband happens to be out of town this particular Sunday, so it's a little bit of a bummer day. Church was fantastic though. 

Bold Christian 15-Day Challenge

The reason I am writing this post is two fold. First, I am promoting my good friend Katelyn's challenge, called the Bold Christian 15 Day Challenge, which I will tell you about in a minute. The second reason is because I am a Christian and I want you to know it! I want to tell you about it. So, here goes…

Jamberry Nails Giveaway

Jamberry Nails Giveaway

Today we have a giveaway to bring to you. I know it's starting on Sunday, but this week is going to be a busy one on the blog and we didn't want to overwhelm you with three posts in one day. 

This giveaway is to help our friend, Katie, kick off her new business, Jamberry Nails. This is such a fun business too. Have you heard of Jamberry Nails? They are nail wraps to have fancy nails, without going to the salon. Plus, because they are wraps, they don't chip and they last longer than most polish applications. (My nail polish applications last about 2 days.) 

Since this is a business kickoff, I will tell you right off the bat that Katie would love for you to place an order on her website.  Not only would these be great for you, but they would make awesome stocking stuffers at Christmas too.